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SmartPick Mobile Application


Project Overview

SmartPick is designed to save time for shoppers who are planning to purchase smart digital products. There are two types of smart product shoppers: shoppers who are looking to convert their home into a smart home; or shoppers who are searching for smart products to pair with their existing smart home system.

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Project Goal

With so many — maybe even too many — digital devices available these days, my mission is to provide users an easy, arcuate analyzing application which details the benefits and features of each smart product as well as measures their compatibility with each other. SmartPick saves users pre-shopping researches time and reduces stress by eliminating the possibility of purchasing incompatible items.

The Problem

Shoppers struggle to build a smart home that meets their personal, daily needs. Home automation owners are stressed to find compatible Internet of Things (IoT) products to match their existing home automation products. New smart home users or potential users are also concerned about setting up new products prefer installation support services.

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User Research

My target audience is consumers between ages 18 to 44 who are either smart homeowners trying to find more digital products compatible with an existing system, or planning to build a smart home environment from scratch.

I interviewed 8 participants with different demographics. The user research collected enabled me to understand their responses to the prototyped mobile app, discover the needs and pain points, find behavior patterns, and propose a solution to improve their shopping experiences.

User Insights

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Research Findings

My research focused on how users find their loT products. These key findings are not only based on existing theories but also searched for new factors and perspectives:

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Research shows the main pain point that shoppers have is saving time. Shoppers can set initial expectations in the app and get back a specialized, minimal product list.

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User needs are served through minimizing lists, integrating compatibility, and features scaling levels. After picking a product, this mobile application only generates available compatible products per category.


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In the end, the APP will analyze the price and compatibility for the user, and recommend the most cost-effective option.



The Shopping Preparation Strategy

Presentation Prototype

Presentation Prototype

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